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Vena Xu – Intern Life in Jakarta | Week 5

Vena Xu

6 February 2017

As I started writing my blog for the week I was shocked to realise that I’m already half way through my internship.

My new year trip in Singapore was wonderful, except when I tried to catch a taxi from CIPS to the international airport. The traffic in Jakarta was a nightmare.

I sincerely hope  CIPS will also conduct research on transportation, the current road design leaves much to be desired. Thousands of workers in Jakarta spend hours making their way to work each morning.

Chinatown in Singapore

Marina Bay in Singapore

The Massive Online Open Courses project is still going steadily. A career in IT is something I have always been apprehensive about, simply because I know nothing about it. But in rising to the challenge, I’m trying to build an online course platform.

I found a way to build an online course and it is completely free. I figured it would be great to see if I can create something workable. I am enjoying the process thus far, and I appreciate that these skills will serve me well in the future.
As I mentioned last week we successfully applied for a grant for advertising from Google. Now I’m trying to repeat the process for Youtube.

This will help us to raise funds for and awareness of CIPS. I have found myself having a lot of fun in the Communications Department and I’m glad I chose this department before coming to Jakarta. However, this doesn’t mean that I have no interaction with other departments.

This is also one of the reasons I love CIPS, as it has a strong overlap between departments and projects. Meaning the skills I learn can be brought to each department and the areas which they overlap mean better outcomes for projects we work on. I love to learn from each department.

It was World Hijab Day on 1st February, non-Muslim can also wear hijab on this day. The lovely Muslim intern at CIPS brought me a hijab. I’ve always want to try it! This is one of the best presents I received in Indonesia!

World Hijab Day, respect culture diversity and religions.

That’s all of the week. My colleagues and I will be going out for brunch on Sunday. Can’t wait!


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