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James Ledger – Foundation of Economic Education | Week 5

James Ledger

6 February 2017

New York City is an extraordinary place.

With only a few days over the weekend to tick off the countless things I wanted to see, it was difficult making enough time for it all. I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend, Georgia, visit for a little while so this made seeing the Big Apple all the more special.

While we managed to see all the main tourist-y attractions like Wall Street, the 9/11 memorial, the One World Observatory and Times Square (among many others), we also had time to briefly check out the free market think-tank on Broadway, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

As their website says, the organisation ‘is a leading voice of free-market ideas, shaping political culture since our founding in 1977.  Ideas that have changed the United States and its urban areas for the better—welfare reform, tort reform, proactive policing, and supply-side tax policies, among others—are the heart of MI’s legacy. While continuing with what is tried and true, we are constantly developing new ways of advancing our message in the battle of ideas.’

Mannkal really does have friends all over the world.

Back at work, we started the week with Mike Rowe’s podcast going live. I wrote about this last week. Turns out my prediction that 500 free copies of ‘Economics in One Lesson’ wouldn’t last long was absolutely correct. Since Tuesday, 430 copies have been sold for $1.00 each, along with the 500 free ones, to mark 930 in only a few days. Add to the mix 2074 PDF downloads, thousands of online readers and 1565 mp3′s, I was reminded (yet again) of the real committed following FEE has.

I’ve also been fine-tuning my article on the need to reform Australia’s corporate tax rate, which I wrote about last week as well. Since FEE is fundamentally American, having an article purely on the unknown land of Australia will probably not attract too many readers. To that end I’ve been trying to make it more interesting to American readers. Hopefully I’ll have another published article that I can share with you early next week.

This marks the end of my 5th week at FEE and I only have three to go. In two weeks I’m attending the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C., which a few weeks ago seemed like an eternity away. Yet at the same time it seems like I only arrived in the States yesterday. This trip is going so quickly.

See you next week!

Georgia & I in a snowy Central Park

Georgia & I in a snowy Central Park

Times Square

Times Square

Outside Trump Tower

Outside Trump Tower


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