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James Case – “Heat or Eat?” | Week 8

James Case

6 February 2017

“Do we heat, or do we eat?!”
This was the question a struggling mother tearfully asked on the steps of Parliament Hill this week. On Monday, a protest the CTF participated in, took place on Parliament Hill regarding new Carbon Taxes and the adverse effects these are having on Canadian families.

Unlike Australia heating homes here in Canada, especially in the arctic winters, is a necessity. The introduction of Carbon Taxes has meant many families have seen their power, gas and fuel bills become unaffordable. The Tax has meant many families are legitimately having to choose between heating their homes, or providing food for their families.

Kathy Katula, a mother of four, tearfully confronted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a local town hall discussion. Kathy exclaimed how she was concerned with electricity and gas bills she could no longer afford and which were now more than her mortgage repayments. She explained her friends had lost their small businesses due rising utility prices.

The video captured national attention and I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy, the key note speaker at the protest this week. The PM didn’t provide her with an answer, of how he would assist struggling families like Kathy’s, nor has he to date. The PM consistently promotes the schemes as ‘Tax Neutral,’ yet with the amount of Government regulation and enforcement the math clearly doesn’t add up. The CTF continues the fight for Canadian families.

Carbon Tax Protest

Hands Off PM!

This week I made my way to the National War Museum to discover a rich Canadian history. Knowing very little about their past, the museum provided me with a rich insight. Exhibitions spanned from that of the the Native Aboriginals, to the settlements of the British and French, the numerous wars and civil unrest.

I particularly took interest in Canada’s commitment to assisting British and Australian allied forces in both World Wars. I wouldn’t have the freedoms and opportunities today without the selfless sacrifices of these men and women. Forever grateful.

Never a dull day!

National War Museum

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