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Llewellyn Cross – London, UK | Week 5

Llew Cross

6 February 2017

After the false start last week trying to get on the London Eye (I should have checked the opening hours!), I had a bit more success doing a little sightseeing this time around.

It is hard to comprehend the size of the city until you get to the top of the Eye. The city stretches as far as you can see! It is a huge difference compared to seeing Perth from the sky!

With Martine in the London Eye

Big Ben from the London Eye

The weekend brought a few new experiences to try out as well. On Saturday I visited the Ham Yard Hotel. They have put a vintage bowling alley in the basement! We spent the afternoon there for a friend’s birthday and then went out for dinner and drinks.

Sunday was spent with fellow London interns Hannah and Connor as we went to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year! We went and got Dim Sum together, walked through the markets and Hannah kindly bought us a good luck pendant.

Chinese New Year Festival with Hannah and Connor

Underground Bowling Alley - Ham Yard Hotel

The start of the week was a little more relaxed than usual. With a new staff member starting at the CPS and no bulletins ready to be released I was given time to write more opinion pieces. I’m currently writing a piece for the CapX competition ‘Explaining Capitalism’. Everyone should get involved in the competition!

I have found that trying to communicate ideas in an opinion piece has definitely helped my critical thinking and ability to prosecute a line of reasoning. That the CPS has given me the opportunity to write freely has been a massive boost to my analytical abilities. It has also deepened my engagement in the philosophy and principles of liberty for the individual. With a few pieces in the pipeline, I’m looking forward to having some more published in the coming weeks.

With the time here in London travelling fast it’s going to be a whirlwind last few weeks. Looking forward to every minute of it!


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