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Jackie Morgan – Legislation State of Mind | Week 4

Jackie Morgan

6 February 2017

Week 4 at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy began with me starting an exciting new project. Because VoteSpotter is just starting up for the year I was asked what about the project I was most interested in.

As I am starting law school in Australia when I arrive home I asked to learn more about the bills and policies VoteSpotter describes for its users.

Upon my request I was assigned to complete an overview of the bills that are going to be put before the House of Representatives and Senate in Michigan during 2017. After reading these bills, I picked out the ones I believed fit the criteria VoteSpotter uses to bring certain bills to the attention of the public.

This criterion consists of bills that have a large impact on voters, bills regarding topics that are prevalent in the media at the moment and bills that don’t concern topics prevalent in the media, but perhaps should. From there I picked my bills and summarized them.

I had a little trouble with some of the bills that outlined new processes for taxation, the United States having a slightly different tax system to Australia. However everyone at the Mackinac Center was happy to help and after a short meeting with our accountant I was back on track. Upon finishing my project I was told it was going to be given to the Michigan bill describer for review so hopefully in my blog next week I will be able to report it was top notch.

This week was my 21st birthday, and the Mackinac Center kindly gave me a few days off so I could join my family in New York to celebrate. It was amazing! Standing in Times Square felt eerily familiar from all the times seeing it on movies. We went to a Broadway show and a Knicks game and went to the Top of the Rockefeller Center. All in all a very special birthday that I will cherish for years to come.

Top of the Rock

Union Square

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