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Chris Hendrickson | Week 5

Chris Hendrickson

6 February 2017

My third New Years cake

As time flies by, I still find myself learning more about my hosts here in Athens. We ended last week with our annual budget meeting with Markus Kieser and Athanassios Grammenos of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Since the reestablishment of the Liberty Forum of Greece as an independent think tank five years ago, the FNF (Friedrich Naumann Foundation) has been financially supporting projects and the growth of the organisation.

After speaking with Nicos Rompapas, I have even been given the freedom to pursue one of the projects I have been working on, to collaborate with the FNF office here in Athens.

I am hoping that this project will eventuate in Mannkal-style educaton and discussion seminars for students here in Greece. Though we must first find students to invite to this seminar! The first part of my project being to create and conduct a survey to find these students.

Local Young Liberals (more like Students for Liberty) and new friends

Making new friends with Ouzo

Meeting with the scientific board of the Liberty Forum this week has been a valuable experience. Discussing my article in depth and having noted academics reviewing my work has certainly improved the quality as well as given me valuable insight into the current Greek crisis. I am hoping to finalise and publish my article next week, so keep an eye out for some light reading.

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