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Connor Lane – Lunar New Year in London | Week 5

Connor Lane

7 February 2017

Lunar New Year Breakfast

Last weekend Llew, Hannah and I got to see the Lunar New Year come to London. The food was terrific and the streets were filled with tourists, worshippers and performers. The city looked great draped in red and gold – we walked around the entire morning soaking in the atmosphere.

This week in the office has been busy, but I am becoming faster at completing my daily tasks, as a result I’ve had more spare time to write articles. I’ve mostly been researching how different nations are enabling or hindering companies and citizens to prepare for the incoming generation of technology.

I’ve found that over-regulation will never be able to completely destroy the spirit of innovation (as hard as it may try). But, if a government does decide to promote freedom – they can give their nation a very sizable advantage. The next few years will see the rise of some industries that have the potential to be a catalyst for great growth in the world – if they are allowed to reach their potential.

For the last few days, my commute home has been disrupted by Trump protesters. I think this is the third set since the inauguration. This time, they’ve taken issue with him wanting to enter the UK.  Imagine what kind of trade deal negotiation tactics Britain would have to employ if they deny the American president entry to the country! Theresa May put the issue to rest in a masterful takedown of Corbyn during the Prime Ministers Question Time.

'Imprisoned in India' presentation

Power, Territory and Borders

On Tuesday I went to the ‘Power, Territory and Borders’ conference to hear a discussion about how the arbitrary lines drawn on maps have had enormous consequences for all of us. It was eye opening and provided a lot of insight into what direction the next decade is likely to head.

I especially found it interesting to note the increased role in the world that the Arctic is going to play. Not particularly good news for the West as Russia has been preparing for years to dominate the region. The future of shipping and trade throughout the area will be a contentious issue.

Also to note were Tim Marshall’s opinions on China’s naval build up and the Russian objective to find a warm water port (Sevastopol). It was a great talk anyway; I’ve been thinking about it for the last few days nonstop!

I went to another excellent talk tonight, this time at the IEA where James Tooley spoke about corruption in India. He’s definitely an authority on the issue – he was locked up without charge after investigating the Indian school system. It is easy to grow used to living in a free society and very humbling to be reminded of the pointless suffering inflicted on the defenceless by people with authority.

To anybody reading who might be interested in James’ story, he has just written an account of the ordeal titled ‘Imprisoned in India’.

That’s it for this week! I’m pretty excited to take the opportunity this weekend to go full tourist mode and check out some sights.

Not stoked about getting drenched at Trafalgar Square

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