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Jake Fraser – Section 18C and Trump’s philosophy | Week 9

Jake Fraser

7 February 2017

Hello from Melbourne!

Another interesting week immersed in defending the right to speak freely in Australia. Tuesday saw the IPA’s Simon Breheny and Chris Berg appear before the senate for the 18C inquiry.

Luckily for me, I was able to tag along to parliament house and sit with my colleague Morgan Begg to witness a days worth of appearances from a range of submissions.

Sitting before the senate at parliament house

Some of the sights inside parliament house

The day prior to the hearing I was looking into the vast array of organisations, councils, and interest groups that claim 18C should be kept as is. Some have also taken the stance that strengthening the law with tougher hate speech ‘protections’ is required.

What I found was the majority of submissions of this nature receive some form of annual government funding. Determining a consensus of the ‘Australian public’s’ opinion is therefore distorted by the disproportionate amount of submissions from such interest groups.

In recent days my focus has turned to the philosophy of Donald Trump in deregulating the American economy with a ‘one in two out’ strategy. That is, for every one piece of new regulation introduced, two must be repealed. The interest is now applying this methodology in the context of Australia’s economy to assess the potential benefits it may bring.

In an economy that is estimated to be losing $176 billion in output to red tape annually, such an approach should be a necessity rather than a mere consideration.

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