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Eva Christensen – Washington DC | Week 9

Eva Christensen

6 February 2017

This week has been incredible. I have seen so much, spoken to so many people and learnt so much. The political scene has also been abuzz, driven in large part by the many executive orders signed by Trump. It definitely keeps things interesting over here!

I spent the weekend in New York, which is just an amazing place all around. The density of the population is truly something to behold. Whenever we see pieces in Australian news lamenting the latest development in Scarborough or Cottesloe, at the modest height of three or four stories, just take a look at the US… The energy of the economy is truly something to behold.

The hightlight of my week was attending a public speaking workshop at the Leadership Institute. They are located in Arlington, a few stops on the metro from downtown DC. Their core philosophy is conservatism, but they do some great work in educating and training young activists at how to better deliver our message.

I learnt a great deal about how verbal and non-verbal cues interact with the audience. It really is something that libertarians can learn a lot from. We often struggle with how to win people’s hearts. We all had to write and deliver a speech at the conclusion, and I chose to channel my inner Randian and emphasised the indiviudal as the most important entity.

Tomorrow I’m attending an event with my home country’s Flemming Rose (a true champion for free speech) and a seminar on the role of private markets in North Korea. I can’t wait!

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