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Liz Powley – The Week of Public Holidays | Week 5

Liz Powley

6 February 2017

This week has been public holiday galore, with them falling on both the Monday and Wednesday. It’s been a crazy week but thankfully I’ve managed to not come in on the wrong day (or forgotten to come in for that matter!).

On the days that I have been in, I’ve spent it working on the launch of the IDEAS membership videos. It’s a project that will be shown at the anniversary dinner, which will show guests why they should join as members of the IDEAS Club. It is framed from the perspective of those who are already members.

I was in charge of travelling around KL, packed with a recorder and camera (which YouTube taught me how to use) to interview some of our influential members. It has been a highlight interviewing these members as I get to discuss why they’ve gotten involved with IDEAS and why they want to see a change in Malaysia, a country they love so much.

Back in the office I transformed these six minute interviews into twenty second soundbites. Having not used audio editing software since back in year eight music class, this has been a fun experience that has taught me a lot. When the audio is completed, I can start designing the photo which will accompany the audio on a screen at the dinner.

Everything is still far from being perfect for the night, but the project is moving along well. I’m excited to see my own work being shown to the public. I didn’t expect to have my creative side explored on an internship at a democratic think tank in Malaysia but I guess it goes to show to expect the unexpected.

In my spare time – which I had a lot of during the public holidays this week – I went exploring in some of the parks around Kuala Lumpur. My friend Hannah made a detour on her way to Singapore and joined me in my adventures. We found some amazing spots for some Instagram photos and I look forward to going back there soon.

Having fun in the sunken gardens

With my friend Hannah at the Lake Gardens

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