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Liz Powley – The Anniversary Dinner | Week 6

Liz Powley

13 February 2017

Finally the big night arrived – the anniversary dinner!

It’s been a stressful and frantic week at IDEAS as the final countdown began but to be honest, I loved every moment of it. I started off the week by interviewing our final sponsor, a company who believes strongly in libertarian values.

After I interviewed the CEO, the tables turned and he began to question me on my thoughts regarding current affairs. It was incredible to be sitting discussing my thoughts on Brexit, Trump and the increasing popularity of One Nation in Australia with the CEO of a company in Malaysia.

On the day of the anniversary dinner, it went in typical fashion that everything that could go wrong – went wrong. The videos, which I spent all weekend and my nights working on to finish, decided that they were not going to cooperate.

It was a great learning curve for me, as it is the first time that I’ve had to deal with such things going wrong in a professional setting. I was recreating the videos up until half an hour before the event began. It was definitely a sigh of relief when I was finally able to hand the USB over just in time for final sound check.

The event itself went without a hitch. I was in charge of ushering, so I was able to meet an array of guests. I am entirely grateful to Sofie’s advice at having business cards, as I was asked a couple of times during the night if I had one and they were all rather impressed when I was able to hand one over.

It was definitely a personal highlight when the videos were played to over 200 guests. Having worked hard on them for the past week, it was great to see a final product that could be shown for all.

Clean up lasted until midnight but in a fate like way, Thursday was a public holiday and so I was able to catch up on the sleep that I had been missing out on.

With my focus having been on work, I didn’t leave my apartment over the weekend to explore more of the city but the success of the anniversary dinner made it all worth it.

Video being shown at the anniversary dinner

IDEAS' CEO Wan Saiful Wan Jan on stage at the Anniversary Dinner

Vivian and I showing the difference in cultures simply in how one poses for a photo.

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