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Bayley Novakovic – Just another tax | Week 5

Bayley Novakovic

6 February 2017

Back in the LRI office after the Chinese New Year long weekend, I was back to work again on my Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) report.

Having submitted the report to the LRI board last week I received constructive feedback and have been giving the report a reworking. This week I was able to pull up data that I had previously overlooked.

The data from GPS navigation companies clearly shows that cities that have implemented ERP have experienced no long term benefits. Extra time traveled during peak hours relative to free-flow traffic situations has stayed more or less the same. The data also shows that the “time premium” a commuter must pay to drive during peak hours in ERP cities is the same as that in comparative cities that do not have ERP.

It has become apparent that ERP would be just another tax for Hong Kong commuters. With ERP implemented commuters would be charged to slowly traverse congested roads instead of only paying with their time.

The LRI hosted another small meeting this week, making further arrangements in developing a scholarship program. The program will send Hong Kong students abroad to intern at free market think tanks. It is great to see the LRI further expanding international efforts to expose students to free market ideas and libertarian ideals.

With the relentless hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, it is great to take advantage of the tranquility to be found in the city. Whether it be discovering a quiet shrine a little way up the peak or simply opting to take the tram to work instead of rushing through the MTR (subway), it’s easy to catch a breath!

Hong Kong's Trams

Incense burning at a hidden shrine

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