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Foluso Tade – The Trump Effect | Week 5

Foluso Tade

6 February 2017

As much as I hate to admit it, it appears clear that Trump’s consistent outbursts are going to become the defining factor of 2017. Every day since his inauguration, I’ve woken up to a list of news reports outlining statements or actions that appear to completely disregard United States’ foreign policy efforts of the last few decades.

The FNF office has been a buzz, to determine: firstly, what sorts of policies these outbursts will lead to; and secondly, what the associated executive orders and policies will do to global stability and trade. This has led to several engaging discussions with my colleagues and widespread debate on which bilateral arrangements with the United States will be all but severed and which may actually be better off.

This week I have delved deeper into the, government policy, literature and public sentiments regarding board remuneration practices. My task is to develop a paper that outlines the ‘say on pay’ legislation that has been implemented across the globe as well as to decipher which options may be best suited to Germany.

The former is near complete, though the latter requires far more guidance from my colleagues. This is to ensure that I fully comprehend and consider the complexities of Germany’s own specific circumstances and requirements.

This week my colleagues also introduced me to a great little café, just around the corner of our office. Needless to say, I shall be stopping by every morning on the way to work from now on. In between work and German classes there has still been plenty of time to continue exploring the city of Berlin with my girlfriend Franzi.

In the evenings and over the weekends we have found several nice restaurants and cafés to while away the time. I think I am slowly acclimatising to both the cold and the way of life here. All in all, a great experience. Thanks again Mannkal!

Coffee with my colleagues, Fabian & Ilka

Braving the cold with Franzi :)

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