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James Case – ‘Freedom of sp-” | Week 9

James Case

13 February 2017

This week I had the pleasure of travelling to Toronto to attend a conference hosted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The conference appropriately named ‘Generation Screwed,’ highlighted the issues of substantial Government debt and reckless spending habits. Both are issues many Canadians are currently concerned with.

Many opposition MP’s, liberty think tanks advocates, and local businesses owners spoke at the conference and their wealth of knowledge and experience was inspiring.

Two major topics covered at the conference were Canada’s natural resource sector and hiking electricity prices. Canada is currently one of the cleanest natural resources processor, due to their vast pipeline networks and modern technologies. The world needs natural resources and the demand will not suddenly fall in the short term.

Over taxing the industry is making it less and less competitive. It is clear the world isn’t ready to run completely from renewable energy, therefore supporting a clean processing resources sector seems to be in the best interest of us all.

Unfortunately the conference could not be completed due to confrontational protesters who were able to prematurely shut down the event. At the time, I wrote a short piece regarding the experience:
“I’m currently sitting in a lecture theatres at the University of Toronto. The police have had to lock us in the theatre as protesters are getting confrontational outside. The conference is about advocating for liberty, freedoms of speech and holding Governments accountable.

One of the speakers here is quite controversial and quite frankly many of his views I personally don’t adopt HOWEVER believe it or not, I’m capable of attending and making up my own mind. I would never try to silence or physically harm someone for having an opinion different to mine. I would never try to prevent freedoms of speech. There will always be people who hold different opinions to you.

Screaming ‘racist, misogynist, narcissist, fascist’ (all things I’m currently being called and are totally untrue) because someone doesn’t share your opinion is ridiculous. All it shows is that you can’t articulate an intelligent response and rebut.

Protestors using their rights of freedom of speech to silence someone’s freedom of speech is unbelievably hypocritical.
Don’t scream. Debate, be informed and educate yourself. The best way to ‘silence’ someone is to use your own words to show the world what is being said is wrong, untrue or ridiculous.

I’m sitting in a University, a place to learn, spread ideas, debate and grow. One place I should always feel safe.”

Exploring Toronto

Meeting CTF Ontario Director - Christine Van Geyn

CN Tower

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