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James Ledger – Foundation for Economic Education | Week 6

James Ledger

13 February 2017

Another week has passed at FEE, with a lot of the office reeling over a new Georgia-based backing to tax online sales in and out of the State.

The House Ways & Means Committee approved House Bill 61, sponsored by the panel’s chairman, Jay Powell, R-Camilla, which would force online retailers with at least $250,000 or 200 sales a year in Georgia to either collect and remit to the state sales taxes on purchases or send “tax due” notices each year to customers who spend at least $500 on their site.

As reported by a local newspaper, ‘The owners of retail stores — who have a lot of political clout at the Capitol — have long said they are handicapped by the fact that they have to charge state and local sales taxes on what their customers buy, while many online customers don’t.’

Although this may seem fair, as libertarians we should always oppose new taxes or tax increases. After all, basic economics will always win, with online shops just passing the cost onto consumers.

As you can imagine there were a few frustrated faces around the place this week!

A few weeks ago myself and some other staff were tasked with going through old files which had lists of FEE seminar attendees from the 1980s and 1990s. The lists had their names, addresses and phone numbers (if they had one back then).

When that was completed, the web development team ran it through a program which updated the information correctly to the present day, using electoral roles and drivers’ licences as sources for up-to-date data.

So at the start of this week, I was added to a new campaign called the ‘Welcome Home Project’. The aim of the program is to use the information to contact old alumni to see if they are still interested in FEE.

Over the next month or so this will involve myself and others cold-calling over 3000 people to try to re-engange them – whether that means gaining them as a new donor or just receiving their email address so they receive FEE’s daily or weekly emails.

This took up most of my week but I managed to finish my latest article too, which is being published this weekend.

I visited Georgia Acquarium – the world’s biggest acquarium – and my local shooting range this weekend as well, which, as you can imagine in the deep south state of Georgia, was an experience in itself!

The difference in Australian and American attitudes towards firearm ownership was evident as soon as I walked in, with people just browsing the aisles for their next glock or shotgun. I love this country.

Until next week!

Whale Shark in Georgia Acquarium

Whale Shark in Georgia Acquarium

Studdards Range & Guns - Local Gun Range

Studdards Range & Guns - Local Gun Range

Local School Bus

Local School Bus


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