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Georgina Due – Inspiration, InDesign and Ice Sculptures | Week 6

Georgina Due

13 February 2017

Celebrating 150 Years of Canada

Each Summer the ILS run a fellowship program that connects passionate students with a Libertarian organisation for an eight-week internship. I have been pleasantly surprised at how inspiring it has been to sort through the applications we have received so far.

Seeing so many like-minded students share a passion for learning more about the ideas of liberty helps to restore a bit of faith in humanity. As part of the application form, applicants are also asked to describe in 100-200 words the book that most influenced the way they think about the world.

No doubt, my personal reading list has exploded with new entries of books that I am jealous I don’t have the time to read sooner (As has been the theme of my internship so far!).

My Freedom Week Postcard Design

The postcards I designed to advertise our Freedom Week program to also arrived this week. My fears about my debut as a graphic design artist into the print world were somewhat relieved when I was actually relatively happy with how they turned out.

The postcards will be distributed to potential applicants, donors and Freedom Week participants for 2017.

Ice Sculptures at Winterlude

Walking home this week has been a particular treat. Our accommodation is conveniently located just down the road from the incredible ‘Crystal Garden’, a collection of intricate ice sculptures from artisans who have travelled across the world to compete in this year’s Winterlude contest.

Every year Ottawa celebrates the season of Winter with their festival of ‘Winterlude’, a spectacular display of uniquely winter activities in the heart of the capital. As part of the festival, the Rideau canal is transformed into the world’s longest ice rink, measuring over 7.8km. We tried to skate on it, but the line to rent skates was 100 people long on Saturday, so we’ll try again later, eh?

Walking along the Canal...

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