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Vena Xu – Intern Life in Jakarta | Week 6

Vena Xu

13 February 2017

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I’m working on building a website. As a non-techie, I must say this task is tough, especially when everything in the tutorial seems to be slightly off from the reality. But I’m getting there, after watching hundreds of tutorials and seeking the appropriate support.

Although it is a tough task for me, I feel grateful that it will become a honed skill, and one that will definitely be useful in the future.

On Tuesday, one of the friends I made at the National Museum, Kim invited me to her pool birthday party. Surprisingly, a few friends of the people at the party are from Curtin University! It is a small world!

My friend Kim's birthday party

During the week, three of CIPS core members took a business trip to Mumbai for the Asia Liberty Forum, and each one of them will be giving a presentation. I can’t wait for them to come back and share their experiences and the knowledge they have gathered!

Some other good news to share is the decision of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court. Arief Hidayat, decided that importing livestock and livestock products from other countries under the zone system will be possible, which means there’s a chance to drop the livestock product price.

As CIPS also focus on food trade and livelihood in Indonesia, this is quite an exciting news. However, imports of cattle within the zone system can only be performed in urgent circumstances. My question is, who will determine whether it’s urgent?

4 AUD for one potato. Tough life in Jakarta for a potato lover.

Next week CIPS will have an internal training session about photography. Hopefully, it will improve my photographing skill. Let’s see if the pictures for next week are better!

Throwing back to last Sunday, some CIPS colleagues and myself went out for brunch. This weekend we are hanging out at the University of Indonesia.

Sunday brunch with CIPS colleagues

Flower for my colleague, Eky's graduation

Signing off for now. Thank you for reading my blog! Terima Kasih!



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