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Eva Christensen – Washington DC | Week 10

Eva Christensen

13 February 2017

“Egalitarians champion the most evil and destructive of human emotions. Find it in yourself – envy.” Very strong words, and ones that resonated with me. Envy, and a phenomenon casually  referred to as “tall poppy syndrome” are abundant in Australian society. Today, former CEO of BB&T and president of Cato, John A. Allison, gave a superb speech on leadership values.

He covered many areas of thought, and briefly – and succinctly – covered the hostile and totalitarian mentality of today’s progressives. His speech contained plenty references to the Objectivist philosophy – as someone who found their way to libertarianism through Rand, it really connected with me. Allison made a tremendous impression to me and I will be sure to follow him closely…

Too bad he didn’t get picked for the Trump cabinet!

I also attended a seminar titled “Logic Made Easy” with Jason Kuznicki. It was actually in a similar vein of thought, covering an ethical approach to professional conduct, integrity and honesty.

It confirms what I have long believed about libertarians and most conservatives – that we always strive for truth and reason. For young interns in DC, a place full of politicians without principles, such advice is priceless.

Back at Atlas, I attended the monthly staff meeting where everybody was updated with the wonderful free market progress that is developing around the world in our network. We heard a speech from a visiting fellow, Ayesha Bilal, from the Prime Institute, the only free market think tank in Pakistan, on their vision and mission for the future.

I am hopeful that they can make a real impact and help curb the worst excesses of the Pakistani government.

We also had a visit from last year’s Mannkal scholar, Sofie O’Mara, who is now interning at Cato. It is great to see some familiar faces, and the weather is actually putting on a bit of an Australian spin for us – it was 22 degrees on Tuesday! The weekend is also looking abnormally warm, and I have plans to go to the Arlington Cemetery and Alexandria with fellow Cato interns and staff.

I’ve got to make the most of it as I only have a few weeks left. Time has truly flown by.

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