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Jackie Morgan – Teachers Pest | Week 5

Jackie Morgan

13 February 2017

I spent last weekend in New York City with my family and like the rest of the time I was there it was amazing.  We got to experience New York in the snow, which although cold was definitely a blessing because snow trumps rain any day!

We saw a basketball game, where the players were so big that they made the court look small! I am so grateful to the Mackinac Center for giving me the time off to see a bit more of the U.S.

Snowing in NYC

Getting back to work this week I hit the ground running. I started broadening my horizons, working on more projects in addition to my duties as VoteSpotter intern. The Mackinac Center has a program called the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and they are currently in the process of revamping their website.

As such they need some new sections to be added to it and I was in charge of writing one of those sections. My job this week is to go through past cases the foundation has worked on and provide a summary of them. Through this I am getting to know more of the great work the Mackinac Center is involved in.

One of the fantastic cases I worked on was a case regarding right-to-work laws. Right-to-work prohibits requiring employees to make payments of union fees or dues as a condition of employment. To avoid this law the unions have been doing some sneaky stuff.

The case I looked at described how a school union signed a contract with the school district in the time between when the right-to-work law had been voted on in parliament and when it was to be enacted. In this contract the union and school agreed that teachers would be required to pay union “security fees” for the next 10 years.

However the Mackinac Center was able to fight back against this sneaky work around and support the teachers.

Finally an update from my last weeks blog… my Michigan bill summary was a success! After some review from our Michigan bill describer and some subsequent editing my blog post is ready to go.

Trump Tower

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