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Jake Fraser – Abolish the red tape state | Week 10

Jake Fraser

13 February 2017

Greetings from Melbourne!

Amazingly, this is my tenth blog since the adventure began, but it feels as though I arrived only last week!

My desk A.K.A deregulation station

My primary focus this week has been continuing, in collaboration with Michael Husek and Daniel Wild, to look into the rapid accumulation of red tape in Australia. What’s most concerning is the overwhelming rate at which subordinate regulations are being introduced.

Since the last Federal Election in September 2013, the number of subordinate pages of legislation passed is almost five times higher than the amount enacted by Parliament.

This only confirms the concerns of businesses and entrepreneurs across the country who are struggling to navigate the bureaucratic swamp of red tape.

In Canada, a one-for-one rule has been in force since 2015, whilst President Trump has begun utilising a ‘one-in, two-out’ strategy. Britain previously used Trump’s approach, but has since extended this to a ‘one-in, three-out’ policy to reduce the burden of red tape a further 10 billion pounds.

After examining the approaches to reform of competing developed economies, it is clear that Australia is being left behind. We desperately need to overcome inertia to deregulation and employ methodologies seen overseas.

This is the only way to a freer, more productive Australia.

Not a bad desk view to have everyday

The joy of writing my blog every week is knowing that it’s Friday, which means fun and banter after work with the IPA crew. Tonight, we are off to see the women’s AFL Bulldog’s versus Adelaide Crows match.

Good times ahead!

Until next week,


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