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James Case – Final week at the CTF | Week 10

James Case

20 February 2017

This week has been focused around reflection. My time at the CTF is coming to an end and what a journey it has been! With two action packed weeks left in North America, I’m sure to end on a high.

This week I was able to attend a dinner held by the MacDonald-Laurier Institute, a public policy think tank. The dinner took place at the Canadian Museum of History and was a celebration of 150 years since confederation.

Many parliamentarians, senators and entrepreneurs attended the dinner with a panel discussion taking place to discuss Canada’s future. It was a pleasure to hear the stories and experiences of these individuals over dinner, particularly being surrounded with parts of Canada’s long history.

Tomorrow I will be road tripping down to Washington D.C to attend the International Students for Liberty Conference, one of the most anticipated liberty conferences on the planet. Prominent speakers include Mr Forbes chairman of Forbes media, Senator Rand Paul and Greg Glassman founder of CrossFit.

I eagerly look forward to meeting the hundreds of like minded libertarian students, as it is sure to be a fascinating experience. I can not wait to write about the conference on my return to Ottawa.

I would like to take the opportunity to thanks Mr. Bowes and Mr. Wudrick at the CTF for making my time so memorable. They were both so welcoming and made me feel apart of the team from day one. It has been a pleasure.

The frozen canal

MacDonald-Laurier Dinner


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