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Chris Hendrickson | There is no rest for the free | Week 7

Chris Hendrickson

20 February 2017

As another week whizzes by, I find myself only getting busier. Although relatively quiet in regards to events, I am reminded of an old childhood game; “Heads down, Thumbs up”, except there has been no time for thumbs up, all of my fingers have been furiously typing away in preparation for my final week.

Left-Imperialists against the IMF and EU

Being in contact with the FNF has granted me a unique opportunity in the form of an invitation to attend a conference hosted by the European Liberty Forum (ELF) and organised by the Greek chapter of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC).

I will spend my last two days in Greece at this conference discussing the migration and integration of “The New Europeans”; those fleeing from neighbouring regions into Europe.

The “entry fee” to this event is, a minimum 1000 word, article relating to the topic. I hope to offer a unique Australian perspective on migration, hoping that the European policy makers can learn from our history and avoid the same mistakes as we did regarding the White Australia Policy.

A mass protest happening just around the corner from the office

A disruptive highlight of the week was a large protest on Tuesday, which saw the gathering of hundreds of agricultural workers from all over Greece. I didn’t feel too comfortable sticking around; given that the crowd identified as the Populist Left-Imperialists, being somewhat liberal among this crowd seemed almost suicide.

There was a large police presence around the scene, cutting off a large part of central Athens and creating some very heavy traffic, thankfully the protest didn’t turn violent.

I was slightly disappointed that the farmers didn’t drive their tractors into the city though, which, I am told, actually happened last year causing even greater disturbances in the city.

Although, it turns out many workers from the public sector were allowed to leave their jobs to join the protest. It would have been a bad day to need something from any of the public services.

My  free time this week at home has been spent busily arranging my final, free, weekend. I have planned to travel to Parnassus mountain for some snow activities, as well as a day trip to ancient Delphi which is a short drive east from the ski slopes.

I anticipate spending a lot of time on my backside as I get reacquainted with a snowboard, though there won’t be time for neither rest nor complaints as I have much to prepare before I leave next week.

I'll certainly miss walking through these doors

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