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James Ledger – Foundation for Economic Education | Week 7

James Ledger

20 February 2017

The second article I wrote during this internship was published over the weekend.

In short, it argues that unless parliament significantly reduces corporate taxes – further than the 25% proposal – Australia will seriously struggle to attract foreign investment going forward and will be stuck in years of economic decline.

We’re currently seeing the lowest level of international capital coming into the country since the recession in the 1990s, and if Trump succeeds in reducing America’s corporate rate from 35% to 15%, which I hope he does, we desperately need to become more economically attractive to avoid skyrocketing unemployment and eroding living standards.

It would be disastrous to have a corporate income tax of almost double such a powerhouse like the USA.

If you’re interested you can read it here.

Weekly FEE Staff Meeting

Weekly FEE Staff Meeting

Earlier in the week I was connected to the senior Chief of Staff to Senator David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats. He’s coming to FEE later in the year, so I thought it would be prudent to introduce myself in an attempt to express my interest in helping the party in the upcoming WA State election and more generally in the future.

As the only libertarian senator ever elected into the Australian parliament, Leyonhjelm’s popularity seems to be growing (from what I can see, at least) and the appetite for less regulation, smaller government and a return to common-sense public policy seems to be getting stronger with every absurd suggestion our politicians and media deliver – see here, here, here, and here for entertainment.

I really hope they can gain enough support next month to drive support away from parties like One Nation and other minor parties. The voice for freedom needs to be louder in WA, especially with the Nationals now preferencing the Greens over the Liberals.

Tonight I’m boarding a flight to Washington, D.C. to attend this weekend’s International Students for Liberty Conference. I’ll be there alongside several other Mannkal Scholars who have also been interning at American and Canadian think-tanks for the past two or three months.

I’m told it’s a great weekend, jam-packed with thought-provoking speakers covering a broad range of topics. Among the speakers include Dr Tom Palmer, Rand Paul, Steve Forbes, FEE’s own Jeffrey Tucker and Liberty Fund’s David Hart, who is set to give an interesting speech about influential economist and developer of the economic theory of opportunity cost, Frédéric Bastiat.

I’m also particularly interested in a seminar about how it’s possible to be both Christian and libertarian, as many believe the two are mutually exclusive. I disagree, and it’s a topic important to me so I am looking forward to it greatly.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week (which will be my last)!

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