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Liz Powley – Figuring Out Career Paths | Week 7

Liz Powley

20 February 2017

An unknown fact about myself, is that there is a very tiny part of me that has considered the possibility of becoming a website designer. After this week, I have realized that I definitely do not have the never-ending patience to ever go down a graphic designer field.

Until the end of my internship, my tasks in the Communication Department will be focused around making sure the website is ready to be launched shortly after my departure.

With hundreds of pages still needing to be transferred across, there’s definitely a lot to be done. One page in particular that is of major importance is the internship page, which is having a complete makeover. This is occurring as IDEAS is launching a new internship programme to make sure resources are being allocated more efficiently in the future.

It has been incredible to be in charge of designing the page, knowing that my work will be making an impact on IDEAS even beyond my stay.

I’ve also been doing work for the Research Department, as they are down an intern. The CEO is going to present at a conference in Brussels, so I’ve been asked to do some background research on the topic of ‘illicit trade’ to aide his own notes.

Focusing my research on tobacco, small arms and wildlife, I’ve been noting what other regions such as the EU have been doing to combat the issue and whether the policies can be transferred across to ASEAN.

It’s a difficult topic to bring up with ASEAN countries, as the UN did in 2001 with reference to small arms with only some success. It has been interesting to do my own research to figure out which policy would be most applicable for the ASEAN region. Overall though it’s been great to expand my knowledge, as it is a growing issue for the ASEAN region.

What had started as a joke of “come visit Malaysia” turned into reality when my friend Nick arrived in KL on Monday. It’s been a week full of laughter, debate on libertarianism and randomly having our photos photobombed by other tourists. Overall it’s been an amazing penultimate week and I can’t believe I am almost at the end of my internship!

Nick and my photo getting photobombed by other tourists at Pavillion

Nick and I being tourists

Finally went to the markets (ironically during the week I researched about illicit trade and informal economies)

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