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Vena Xu – LEE Press Event | Week 7

Vena Xu

20 February 2017


I greet you with fantastic news! CIPS will be hosting the Asia Liberty Forum 2018 in Jakarta! To prepare, CIPS has planned some events to gain some experiences in running events of this scale. This Tuesday we held our first press event about migrant workers which was a resounding success, I was in charge of taking pictures.

CIPS has invited two people caught up in the parallel economy to share their illegal migrant working experiences and the hardships they faced. The day afterwards we appeared in several newspapers labeling the conference a resounding success! No one could tell that it is actually our first event of that nature.

Lee Press Event about Migrant workers

Lee Press Event

Wednesday was Election Day in Jakarta, citizens went to the vote for the new Governor. The competition is now between the incumbent Christian and a Muslim former Education Minister. Radical Islam called for voters to choose the Muslim leader for the city. I would love to share a little story that myself and my coworkers found during the election.

A girl born in a Muslim family told her father that she will vote the Christian candidate because she thinks he has a better experience of leading. Her father disagreed, “you wear a hijab and you are a Muslim, you should vote for the Muslim candidate.”

“Then I will take my hijab off!” The girl said. I wish I had a chance to meet this amazing girl!

I would like to quote my colleague’s words here, vote to keep the worst out.

On Thursday night, the executive director of CIPS, Rainer and his wife Joyce kindly invited me for dinner at an Indonesian restaurant. I also got a lovely present from him, a scarf with Indonesian design.

Dinner with Rainer and Joyce

I can’t imagine saying goodbye to all the wonderful things that I have experienced, and the fantastic people I have met in Jakarta.

Group picture with teammates after Lee Press Event

A cute Indonesian boy I met on the street.


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