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Bayley Novakovic – Revisiting Positive Non-Intervention | Week 7

Bayley Novakovic

20 February 2017

The history of Hong Kong’s “positive non-intervention” made its reappearance this week with Laurence Pak (LRI Director of Operations) giving a speech at a TEDx event.

The event was at an international school and Laurence’s speech covered much of the lessons he gave me early on in my internship here at the Lion Rock Institute.

The TEDx event not only covered economics or politics but a range of topics from students and various leaders in Hong Kong.

Thus, it was great to see Laurence’s speech receive applause not only at the end as to be expected, but also midway through; the only speaker on the night to achieve this! Hopefully the crowd’s response reflects a widespread enthusiasm among the younger generation for freedom!

Laurence delivering his speech

Positive non-intervention continued to feature this week as I partook in a meeting with LRI Chairman Nicholas Sallnow-Smith. Today’s government of Hong Kong is casting aside positive non-intervention as “irrelevant” and as such much discussion during the meeting focused on progressing free market solutions in face of greater public policy interventions.

Mr Sallnow-Smith also outlined the next steps for my completed Electronic Road Pricing report in engaging with the public and key decision makers; further serving as a lesson for me on how to best engage in the public policy arena.

Working on some positive non-intervention!

Over the weekend I further explored South Island’s art scene. There are some bizarre exhibitions, the last resulting in me wearing a virtual reality headset while holding an artichoke!

South Island views

Also over the weekend I was fortunate enough to join in on a casual meet-up of local entrepreneurs. Everyone had their own angle from transport applications to boutique green tea exports. This is what I love about Hong Kong; with the city so highly interconnected you can get involved in something new at a moments notice!

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