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James Case – Crossing the border | Week 11

James Case

27 February 2017

This has by far been one of the most exciting, inspiring and interesting weeks of my life. My internship with the CTF at an end, I made my way to Washington D.C to attend the students for liberty conference.

Firstly, I must say Washington is one of the most beautiful cities I have had the pleasure to visit. I don’t doubt I will return to further discover the historic buildings, museums and monuments scattered across the proud American Capital.
The students for liberty conference was a whirlwind of world class speakers and engaged libertarian students.

The three day conference covered a broad range of issues including Trumps’ foreign policies, freedom of speech on college campuses and  how the liberating movement can progress. Two talks particularly stood out to me.

Mr. Forbes, the chairman of Forbes media, gave an opening address about his personal struggles to enter the political sphere and the dangers of playing politics over economics.

Dr. Jonathan Haidt, a professor at New York University, addressed the issues of restricting free speech on college campuses and how policing ‘feelings’ can lead to students not having a well rounded and thought provoking education.

On my return to Ottawa I began an enrichment program with Andrew Pickford, a Mannkal director. Andrew conducted numerous events with the Canadian scholars including a meeting with the Australian High Commission staff, lunch with an MP and trade talks at the Department of finance regarding Chinas energy security.

The program has been an incredible experience and I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined.

Last but not least, I was able to attend the CTF Teddy awards today. The CTF hold an annual Press Conference at parliament to showcase the worst and most ridiculous Government expenditure for the year. All of the examples were laughable but also horribly concerning for the taxpayer.

One of my favourites was from a Public Servant who spent over $500 of taxpayer money at two different ‘adult dance clubs.’ There was a large media presence at the event and it was a huge success.

Overall this week has been simply incredible.

The U.S Supreme Court

Dr. Haidt at ISFL conference

CTF annual Press Conference

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