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Sally Hatter – Final Days | Week 6

Sally Hatter

27 February 2017

On the weekend I made a quick trip to Auckland to stay with my cousin. Despite the Wellington weather delaying my flight, I eventually arrived in Auckland on Friday night.

On Saturday I caught the ferry from Auckland City to Bayswater and then travelled to Takapuna. Takapuna is a coastal suburb with a trendy foodie vibe. There are also many clothing boutiques, of which I took full advantage. I walked from Takapuna to Milford beach, the track is a rocky path along the water’s edge, separating the ocean from the lawns of waterfront houses.

I happened to be at Takapuna while a dragon boat regatta was taking place, dragon boat racing can be best described as a hybrid between surf boats and kayaking. One of the most remarkable things about Auckland are the dormant volcanoes dotted around the city. One of these is Rangitoto Island and can be seen from Takapuna Beach.

On Monday night I attended an informal drinks evening of under-30s with an interest in public policy debate and a vision for a free and prosperous society, hosted by David Seymour. David is a Member of Parliament for the ACT party.

The ACT party holds one seat in parliament and is in coalition with the current National Government. The ACT party has a vision for free trade, free speech, small government, low taxes, stronger property rights and other social freedoms. It was a great pleasure to talk to David about my time with Mannkal and discuss his views on a solution to the Auckland housing crisis. David knew of Mannkal and expressed great admiration for Ron Manners.

Each morning I leave the front gate of my house I find myself more and more nostalgic for the view that presents itself. From my street in Kelburn, you can see both Wellington Harbour and Scorching Bay across green hills. On a still day, the entire bay is glassy as far as the eye can see. Combine this 180-degree view with a light tangerine horizon at dawn/dusk, and it is hardly a sight I can pull myself away from.

I will certainly miss the liveability of Wellington and the friendly easy-going nature of the people I have met during my time in New Zealand.


Ferry from Auckland to Bayswater

Takapuna to Milford Beach Walk

Visiting Family in Auckland

The Last Supper

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