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Herman Toh l Final Week@The CIS

Herman Toh

27 February 2017

Having caught the influenza, I did not venture far from Sydney for the previous two weeks.  I finally managed to find some time to visit the Blue Mountains in the state of New South Wales.

The Blue Mountains – Three Sisters

The start and middle of the week saw me finishing off data modelling on renters, public and private. I read an interim report written by Michael Potter on rental affordability across different categories such as age and income.

Doing so afforded me a sense of accomplishment that I had contributed to the work done here the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS).

I am writing a last response in IDEAS@TheCentre about the recent media reports that the Federal government is looking to cut down the concession for capital gains tax and why that would be such a bad idea. Due to the scheduling, it will be published next week.

It has been a rewarding internship here at the CIS. What a wonderful experience for me to have exchanged ideas with everyone here. I shall miss the people here but I understand that there is a time and place for everything. I will be resuming my studies at university for the coming year and I am look forward to sharing my time in Sydney with my fellow students.

Especially the $11 meal deal at a local cafe which includes a burger with fries and a choice of carbonated soft drink.

I would like to thank Greg Lindsay, the Founder and Executive Director of the CIS and Jenny Lindsay, the General Manager and Student Program Coordinator for welcoming me to the CIS.

Thanks also go to Michael Potter, Research Fellow for the Economics Program for mentoring me during my time here and Karla Pincott, communications director for helping me with my responses in Ideas@TheCentre.

Informing Greg Lindsay of the wonderful time here at the CIS

Photo opportunity with F.A. Hayek, one of our intellectual leaders in the movement for liberty. He could hardly say no.

Finally, I would like to thank Ron Manners and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation for spreading us out like seeds in the fertile soil of liberty and to be watered by free market economics.

Thank you to all for reading my blog and signing off from the CIS in Sydney.

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