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Chris Hendrickson | The Final Countdown | Week 8

Chris Hendrickson

27 February 2017

It may not be snow covered, but it's still quite a view

It seems a week can’t pass without disruptions to the public sector. Many public transport employees went on strike on Thursday with little cause, although from what I could find out there were two reasons made very clear. The first was protesting to the addition of commercial and retail stores within train and metro stations.

I’m not sure if this is a legitimate reason, or simply something to whinge about. Although it seems as if these public servants abhor increased economic output. The second reason was to turn a long weekend into a potential 5 day weekend, by striking Thursday and having “other issues” on the Friday, or so I was told.

The Liberty Forum hosted an interesting event this week presented by Professor Hatzis, discussing Liberalism and Economic Inequality. I didn’t have a chance to understand everything that was said since it was all in Greek, but I certainly noticed when Australia got an honourable mention for having ‘the most efficient welfare system in the world’.

It was also pleasant to see many other university students in attendance at this event. I hope in the future there will be events dedicated to educating Greek students on liberty, the free market and how beneficial they are to society.

I could see my apartment, I think

Sadly, I didn’t get the opportunity to spend my final free weekend atop the snow covered mountains at Parnassus. The bus company I booked transport with decided to cancel the bus, last minute and it wasn’t until later that morning I found out.

I awoke at 4 am, ready to catch the bus and waited until 6.30 am before giving up waiting. It was quite disappointing not going, so instead I climbed another mountain, much closer to Athens, Mount Lycabettus.

Amphitheatre at Lycabettus

I nearly managed to hitchhike a ride up to Parnassus; on the way back to my apartment, I came across another gentleman in full ski gear, carrying his ski’s on his shoulder. I stopped him to ask if he was going to Parnassus by bus; he was going by car with others and promptly called them, without me asking, to ask if there was space for me in the car.

His gesture of kindness was very unexpected and one I won’t ever forget.

Preparing to leave has been difficult. I’ve made many good friendships with the people I’ve met and worked with, and saying farewell is always difficult. I will definitely return to Greece in the near future, especially to enjoy ouzo and souvlaki again with my new lifelong friends.

"Save Water, Drink Raki"

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