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Gavin Rogers – Fraser Institute | Week 12

Gavin Rogers

27 February 2017

It’s hard to believe that this amazing trip has already come to an end. Only three short months ago I was arriving in Vancouver, ready to tackle the adventure that lay ahead. I can’t thank Ron enough for providing me with a once in a lifetime opportunity, and everyone at Mannkal and the Fraser Institute that have made it happen.

I have learnt a huge amount and developed even more, much of which will be permanently ingrained in my character as well as many other pieces of knowledge that I hope to bring back with me to Australia.

Last Friday was my last day at Fraser Institute and many sad farewells were had. I’ve made an astounding number of great friends and professional networks in my time here. I have also wrapped up my final project, collecting statistics on oil transportation safety in the form of both tanker and pipeline, and delivered the results to my supervisor Taylor Jackson.

He has never faltered in keeping me busy with many interesting and valuable things to work on. I made a supply drop of Tim Tams in the lunchroom as a parting gift, and received a lovely goodbye card that had been signed by much of the staff at Fraser. I can honestly say that this has been one of the best and friendliest environments I’ve been fortunate enough to experience, work or otherwise.

This week I flew to the other side of the country to meet up with the other Canadian interns in Ottawa, where we are completing the enrichment program.

Already this week we have managed to squeeze in a myriad of interesting things. There was a debrief of our internship experiences as well as an outlook of Canada’s future direction and relations with Australia at the Australian High Commission. We had lunch and a foreign policy discussion with MP Tom Kmiec, a discussion about Canada’s fiscal timeline and policy with Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Sean Speer, and finally, a Chinese energy roundtable at the Department of Finance with Mannkal Director Andrew Pickford. There has been a plethora of discussions to absorb and it has been fantastic, I couldn’t ask for a more involved week.

Starting tonight and running over the next few days will be the Manning Centre Conference, our last hurrah before making our separate ways back to Perth.

I’m looking forward to meeting plenty more interesting people, and hearing the Conservative party’s leadership debate. For any prospective scholars that may be reading this, I strongly encourage you to get involved with Mannkal’s seminars and events in Perth. Apply for a conference or internship, you won’t regret it! Signing out for the last time, Gavin.

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