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Liz Powley – My Social Media Obsession Being Put to Use | Week 8

Liz Powley

27 February 2017

This week IDEAS released their latest policy paper; “A Critical Review into the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010”.

Currently in Malaysia there are basic protections for those who wish to report corruption but unfortunately it is not enough. Only approximately 0.3% of cases seen by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission are reported by whistle-blowing, which is well below international standards as the United States was above 46%.

IDEAS has released this paper in the hope that, with their suggestions of reforming the Act of better protecting whistleblowers, the number of reported cases will increase and help fight against corruption in Malaysia.

Working on this release, I’ve been in charge of social media release. The site ‘hootsuite’ has become my new best friend as I use the site to schedule posts across all our social media platforms up to a month in advance. Being fond of social media use, it’s great to finally put this habit to good use in a working environment.

According to Shaza, my current line manager, I have become the new office pro at the site. So much so that on my final day in the office I did a mini-tutorial to everyone at IDEAS on how to use the greatest site that has ever happened for social media managers.

It was not the only presentation I did on my final day, as all interns are required to do a speech about their time at IDEAS. It was a great way to give feedback to the organisation and for them to do so in return. The presentation ended with TimTams and parting gifts of small Koala soft toys, which everyone seemed to love.

In my spare time I said goodbye to the city and everyone I’ve met throughout my stay. Saying goodbye to Iced Milos has been especially hard as I developed quite a taste for them. Apparently Milo in South-East Asia is different to the one produced in Australia, so I’m not sure how I will cope returning to the Australian brand (which I never thought I’d say).

These eight weeks at IDEAS have flown by and I would recommend to anyone considering a Mannkal scholarship to consider this amazing organisation.

Last group photo

At my internship presentation

Another photo from my internship presentation

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