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Connor Lane – Last week in London | Week 8

Connor Lane

27 February 2017

On Monday night, I went to a debate at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Oxford and Warwick Universities went head to head on the issue of secular stagnation, followed by UCL and LSE on the topic of Brexit.

Commendably, LSE were the opposition in the Brexit debate and still managed to win over the largely Eurosceptic judges. It was a brilliant discussion from both sides.

I can’t imagine how valuable debate programs must be to fostering the culture of critical thinking famous at the top UK universities. As far as I’m aware there isn’t a single intercollegiate debate tournament in WA.

Tomorrow will be my last day working at CapX – it is unbelievable how fast it has gone. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last 8 weeks and can’t begin to explain how much I’ve learnt since I started working at CapX.

As a recent example, I’ve spent the past week researching and writing about education technology.

It’s one of the most cautiously regulated areas of society and so it isn’t really a surprise there has been little in the way of innovation where it is concerned.

This is unfortunate as EdTech firms have made leaps and bounds in both data driven teaching methods and computer based learning resources that have failed to be implemented.

I was elated a few days ago when I noticed that the Foundation for Economic Education republished my piece about voter education! They’ve always been one of my favourite publications so it was awesome seeing my name on the site.

Republished on FEE!

I’m really dreading tomorrow being my last day of work but the office is taking me out to lunch as a goodbye which is going to be great! I’m really going to miss the office and the staff, it’s been the experience of a lifetime.

I just got back from an event at the Adam Smith Institute, down the road from my work. The focus of the night was a speech by Andrew Bernstein – an author and advocate of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy.

He made the excellent point that racism is collectivism and the way to defeat it is to emphasize the view that people are individuals as opposed to the group they belong to. I think it was a message that unfortunately has not had a large enough platform.

Hanging out with Thatcher

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