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Foluso Tade – Tschüss! | Week 8

Foluso Tade

27 February 2017

Somehow it is already the last week of my internship! I have spent it polishing off all my projects and to ensure the pieces I have written are of good use to my colleagues. It is a fantastic feeling to print off finalised documents and look back through what I have learnt. I also spent some time reviewing English translations of my colleagues’ work.

Usually an external company works on translations for FNF’s major reports, however, from time to time some small grammatical or structural issues are missed, so it was nice to be the final judge in the process.

On Thursday evening, I attended another seminar at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). This week’s topic was presented by a professor of agricultural economics from Mississippi State University and offered a well-rounded explanation of agricultural index insurance.

Such forms of insurance are gaining traction in some developing economies as a means to insure against abnormal weather events and reduce the financial burden of lost crops or livestock.

One take away from the discussion, was the idea that reducing donor funding in current schemes or at least redirecting its objectives may in fact spur increased investment from re-insurance companies by allowing the market to accurately price products, without being forced to cater to donor prerogatives.

Whilst the fear is that this may reduce the benefits felt by the extremely poor, the upside is that it may become a much more widely used product and provide other benefits to effected communities in the longer term.

By Friday afternoon, we had gone a little stir crazy in the office. Several colleagues were either out of town for Karneval, a regional holiday, or had meetings elsewhere. So, I got out some Freiheit promo gear and took a few snaps around the office. As you will see, some turned out better than others.

It really has gone by so fast. I have spent eight great weeks; getting to know new colleagues, learning useful skills and techniques, discovering new ideas and perspectives, exploring an amazing city, and building my professional experience and business acumen.

Although this is my final official week, I will be staying on until next Tuesday finish out the month. On my final day we have planned to go to Böse Buben Bar after work for a final farewell. I must take this opportunity to thank everyone at Friedrich Naumann Foundation for their valuable insights throughout my internship, as well as everyone at the Mannkal office for their constant support throughout this amazing experience. Tschüss!!

Freiheit (Freedom)

Fun snaps

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