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Vena Xu – Last week at CIPS | Week 8

Vena Xu

27 February 2017

Today is the last day of my internship and it is still hard to believe my 8-week internship has passed so quickly.

My last week has been consumed with writing project reports, finalising a few tasks, and helping to transition what projects I cannot finish to be continued by my colleagues after I leave. A lot of this transition has been focused around web design as I have passed the mantle on to the new communication officer. I only wish I could have stayed longer and been able to witness the release and growth of the Affordable Food for the Poor course.

I was asked to write an article about my internship at CIPS and what it consisted of. The article has now been published on CIPS official website and so my goal of publishing a piece on the CIPS website has been met.

Today I was lucky enough to partake in a tutorial for the Lightworks video editor on Thursday, which was given by the manager of communications and fundraising department, Anthea Haryoko. The knowledge I gained from the tutorial was very practical, and it will definitely help when editing my videos.

I sincerely hope more students in Western Australia learn about the fantastic opportunities at Mannkal and the amazing internship experiences it can provide. If you were to ask me if my internship was worth it? My answer is one hundred percent yes! I strongly recommend scholars choose CIPS for their internship because it’s a place where you can learn a new perspective on libertarian values outside of Australia, and I cannot speak highly enough of the magnificent friends I have made here.

Goodbye Jakarta, I hope to see you again.

Officially graduated from CIPS

Farewell party

Having Nasi Padang


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