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Eva Christensen – Washington DC | Week 4

Eva Christensen

3 January 2017

The holidays have arrived! This week the Atlas office is closed and many of our people have flown home to different states to see their families. I was lucky enough to know a few other ‘orphan’ interns who were still hanging around DC including last year’s Mannkal-Atlas scholar Dan Press, whom hosted a small Christmas Day gathering. The weather that day was quite warm and sunny (14 degrees), and I ended up walking all the way across town to enjoy it. Many shops and even cafes were still open, at least for the first half of the day; very different from Perth!

I visited the Smithsonian Museum for National Art with an Atlas colleague. There are many museums of high-quality and with extensive collections, all with free entry! So there has been plenty to keep me occupied on my days off. During my trips downtown I have also noticed the preparations beginning for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. There was even a professional photographer set up at the entrance to the new Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave, offering their service to the many tourists that visit.

I have begun planning on how to be better utilise my time when work resumes. I have created a work schedule for myself so I can keep on top of the different projects I have going on, as well as attending other think tank events once they start picking up in early January.

That’s all for this time! It has been a fairly quiet week, with even the libertarians taking some time off.

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