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Eva Christensen – Washington DC | Week 8

Eva Christensen

30 January 2017

This week was the first in the office for the new President Trump. As such, the policy making scene is seriously buzzing. Every think tank and lobby group are energetically competing for attention and there is a plethora of events focusing on what Trump will or won’t do in his first 100 days as the Commander-in-Chief. He certainly has not hesitated to sign quite a few executive orders already – and the libertarian movement here in DC is very apprehensive.

This morning I attended the launch of Dr. James McGann’s annual Global Go To Think Tank index. With the help of more than 50 interns, he releases a comprehensive analysis of both US and global think tanks, ranking each of them (in different categories) based on their scope, academic integrity, influence and a few other criteria. I am assisting Alex Chafuen, the president of Atlas, with an analysis of the index to see how free market think tanks are faring, particularly those that are partners of the Atlas Network.

I also attended a very interesting panel on welfare states around the world, hosted by the Cato Institute. It featured, amongst others, James Bartholomew, who has just released an excellent book, titled The Welfare of Nations. The book covers the effectiveness and efficiency of different welfare models. I have read much of his work before and he is superb on a number of issues, including the “mis-education” of students on economic theory  in most esteemed universities in the West.

On a more personal note, my parents have come to visit me all the way from Copenhagen! I haven’t seen them in a long time. They have invited me along to New York for the weekend, so I will attempt to do all the sightseeing that I missed out on last time.

Next week I will start working on some Students for Liberty projects for back in Australia. We have a great executive board and will really ramp up activities throughout the coming semesters. Stay tuned!

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