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James Case – Week 7 | A week of firsts

James Case

30 January 2017

Firstly, I must begin by saying a very happy Australia Day to my friends, family and fellow Australians alike. It is currently 2 a.m. here in Ottawa and of course I am listening to Triple J’s hottest 100!¬†We should be so proud of our achievements and of the beautiful country in which we live. I find we all too easily talk ourselves down and subdue the accomplishments of our great nation.

Undoubtedly improvements can always be made but it seems, to me, the world of heading in the right direction. This year, Western nations across our Planet have shown a clear change in attitudes. Many advocating for a shift away from a centralised power. A push to have this power returned to the everyday citizens. I remain optimistic these changes will make for a more prosperous and united world.

This has been a week of many firsts. My first Ice Hockey game, my first fire evacuation (false alarm thankfully) and my first Poutine. Work has also kept me busy researching for their up and coming “Teddy Awards.” The awards are one of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s major annual events and covered by many Canadian media outlets. The awards highlight the most ridiculous taxpayer funded expenditure by the Government for the year. My research has been an equal mix of entertaining and worrying.

Although I can not disclose anything further until the awards, I can assure many politicians and public servants will be red faced when they see themselves in the local news as an award recipient! Common sense usually prevails but unfortunately some seem to have avoided this crucial step when it comes to wastefully spending money that isn’t theirs.

Jeff, my boss, and I headed to the local bar this evening for a celebratory Australia Day drink. Discussing politics with Jeff is quite simply fascinating. I have also been keeping up to date with Theresa Mays’ House of Commons question time talks regarding Brexit and her vision for a ‘truly Global Britain.’

With the Supreme Court judgement to have Article 50 discussed and voted in parliament, it won’t be long until the Bill hits the floor. The British PM has just arrived in the United States to begin talks with President Trump about trade deals and continuing their ‘special relationship.’ I hope the two strong headed leaders find common ground and functionality.

Our world is moving faster than ever before. Isn’t it exciting!

Meeting the Ottawa 67's mascot

Not a drill!

Having Tea with the ladies

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