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Wei Tien Sng – Week 8

Wei Tien Sng

29 February 2016

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderella

I cannot believe that my 8 weeks in London have come to an end! Thank you so much Ron, Paul, Becky and the Mannkal team for trusting me with this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I know that this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Also a massive thank-you to the CapX staff for being so welcoming and helpful to an incredibly out-of-her-depth intern in a big big city. It’s been a blast. Thank you.

My last week at CapX had me writing more articles than ever before, that started from little seedlings dreamed up by our esteemed Editor-in-Chief Iain. This gave me lots of valuable experience in researching topics quickly and efficiently so that I could write the article as soon as I could. I covered the hot topic of the Republican Nevada caucus in a new format: 5 things to take away from… This involved finding interesting and topical external articles and writing short summaries about them and including the links in my article so that people could quickly find 5 relevant and maybe slightly quirky articles that make 5 excellent points. My favourite was Quartz’s transcript of Donald Trump’s victory speech. It was a fascinating speech, and also very terrifying, that this man could potentially become the Republican nominee for POTUS.

My last weekend was spent visiting a childhood friend in Florence, after I impulsively booked a flight there one day. It was gorgeous. Florence is old-world charm mixed with the exuberance of Italian culture and drowning in lavish architecture – the Medici family’s great wealth could afford to adorn the city with so many gilded statues and marble facades. Everything has been meticulously preserved, so it’s no great stretch of the imagination to dream about what it was like to live in the birthplace of the Renaissance nearly 700 years ago. Another thing the Florentines excel at is gelato. I want to say I basically survived on gelato, but that would be a lie – all my time was spent eating or walking, or both at the same time. I can’t wait to return one day.

These past 8 weeks have had their ups and downs, but they have also been some of the most incredible 8 weeks of my life. Everyone I have met on this trip have a special place in my heart. It may be months till I next see them, or years, but I am very excited for what the future holds. Thank you Mannkal, and CapX!

The river Arno

Gelato in Florence

CapX/CPS team

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