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Ilma Amin- Week 3 in CapX London

Ilma Amin

18 July 2016

Week 3 in London and I am loving every single day of my placement at the online journalism site of CapX. The fast paced environment coincides with the wave of daily political changes the UK has been experiencing- one of which is the appointment of the new Prime Minister, Theresa May. I have no shame in admitting that I hassled my supervisor to find me tickets to watch the historic moment where Ms May graced into Downing Street from Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

Unfortunately tickets were hard to find for general members of the public, but hey I can definitely say that I was here when the UK saw its second female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher all thanks to Mannkal!
This week I was given the opportunity to operate the social media activities of CapX. Social media is the latest tectonic plate that has changed the way journalism works. Careful operation of social media is pivotal for CapX to ensure all content is made accessible for their readers. I was required to post the links to all the articles on the website on Facebook and Twitter. Social media makes an interesting platform for readers to get involved in the publication by incorporating comments within our website story pages and sharing their views with us.

Over the weekend I went to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Both were breathtakingly beautiful- I had to pinch myself to remind me that I am actually in London! I walked around the area exploring the bustling metropolitan of Southwark and had to check out The Shard- the tallest building in the UK at 309m high!
Three weeks down and the next two weeks are jam packed with networking events, more writing and more sightseeing as my love for this city continues to grow!

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