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Connor Lane | Week 2

Connor Lane

17 January 2017

This week at CapX, I’ve been given the task of conducting research for my first article. The hardest part is of course deciding what to write about. I think I’ve settled on making an argument to use the free market as a tool to end world poverty.

I read the other day that the number of people living in extreme poverty around the world is about to fall below 10%! A huge milestone for humanity and a figure that has been lost among some of the less cheerful news stories of the year.

I’ve also decided I’m going to make my way down the Centre of Policy Studies’ reading list. I’ve started with ‘Eutopia’ – Maurice Saatchi’s lecture that helped to convince British voters they should regain their self governance from Brussels. If you have any friends you’ve yet to convince that Brexit was the right move – This is the book!

Beyond reading, the best way to absorb information from the city is to immerse yourself in it. There are an almost infinite number of interesting conferences at any given time, finding them is only a few clicks away.

A few I selected feature the latest developments in financial technology, the Internet of Things and Britain’s role in Syria. A lecture I am particularly looking forward to is named ‘Power, Territory and Borders’. It will host a talk by Tim Marshall, author of ‘Prisoners of Geography’ – I’m very sure he has some valuable opinions on Australia’s place in the world that unfortunately were not included in his book.

I plan on concluding the week by checking out some of the tourist attractions (Natural History Museum is first up). I’m looking forward to updating everyone next week!

Thinking warm thoughts on my way home

Reading by my window

Walking down Great Smith St.

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