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Connor Lane – London, UK | Week 3

Connor Lane

23 January 2017

This week saw the clouds give way to the sun and Theresa May addressed the nation on how Brexit will be approached.

The speech cut through the noise and rumours of the last few months – Britain is leaving the single market to embrace the world of free trade. There is already no shortage of nations lining up to take part in these agreements and excitement builds at the prospect of a ‘truly global Britain’.

Exploring London

Checking out the neighbourhood

It was an intense week to aggregate news with words like ‘Davos’, ‘Brexit’, ‘Inauguration’ and ‘Gambia’ setting the agenda for the last few days. The work is a great opportunity to read about a wide range of events from around the globe – many of which admittedly, would have otherwise slipped my radar.

Yesterday after work I decided to walk to Oxford Street to pick up a coat. Upon arriving I happily got lost among the high-tech display windows, wide streets and luxury cars… then my phone died. I spent a good hour shuffling through China town, attempting to find my bearings, eventually coming across Trafalgar Square. The statues there are incredible, even more so when you aren’t expecting to stumble upon them.

That sums up London though, being lost here is never a problem – there are seemingly endless districts to delve into.

A sculpture of the siege of Calais

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