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Ryan Soares – New Zealand Taxpayers Union – Week 1

Ryan Soares, 4 July 2016

After my first week in Wellington, I can undoubtedly say that Wellington is the windiest city in the world! Despite the winter weather, Wellington is an amazing city to travel on foot. From my Airbnb to the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is an exciting walk down Cuba Street, the cultural hub of the city.

Despite New Zealand being so close to Australia, I never appreciated how culturally, economically and politically different our two countries are. From their interesting pronunciation of the English language to the significant and positive impacts of sweeping microeconomic reforms implemented by successful Liberal governments, there is so much to learn.

On my first day at the Taxpayers’ Union I was quickly introduced to the underlying principals and values in which the organisation adheres to. As I was settling in on Monday morning, the office received over 1000 postal membership signups from their sister organisation in Auckland, all of which had to be manually entered into the database. Along with the stream of signups and interested ratepayers, the office has been a bit frantic this week with Jordan Williams, the managing director, flying too and from Auckland. Thankfully the offices drink of choice has been ciders, where after work everyone gets together to socialise.

I have been assigned an interesting project that requires me to research all 67 councils across New Zealand. This involves inserting hundreds of data points into a large spreadsheet so that we can analyse and compare the effectiveness of each council. It is this type of work, which hold governments responsible for the expenditure of taxpayers money that, has led to a more efficient and liberal society.

On the weekend I finally got to see and feel the sun, something I have come to realise we take for granted back in Perth. I made the most of the opportunity and ran up to Mount Victoria Summit which offered the most beautiful views of the city.

I am definitely excited about the coming few weeks in New Zealand and to get stuck into my project!