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Cathal Leslie – Week 7

Cathal Leslie

29 February 2016

Week 7 turned out to be a very interesting week.

I helped my boss write a bulletin about the Monopoly that British Telecommunications Plc is operating in. A number of broadband providers who have to use their infrastructure were publicly complaining about the poor maintenance and service of the infrastructure. The bulletin’s recommendation was to refer the company to the competition’s authority with the view that they could investigate potentially segmenting the part of the company that deals with infrastructure from the broader business. This separation could potentially allow broadband providers to each invest in this segmented company and hence it would have a greater incentive to be run more effectively.

However when this bulletin was published it was quickly up by the press and British Telecommunications. This provoked quite the furious response from the company, possibly indicating that we struck a nerve?

My boss Dan, also treated myself and Wei to a tour of Westminster palace. The history in the building is unbelievable, I was completely blown away by the beauty of all the artifacts, paintings and statues that littered the place. It such a shame that you aren’t allowed to take photos inside!

I also had the opportunity to try a deep fried Mars bar… not as enjoyable…

One more week, and I’m already starting to miss this place!

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