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Vena Xu – Landing in Jakarta | Week 1

Vena Xu

6 January 2017

Halo, apa kabar? Hello, how are you? Here’s a warm and humid greeting from Jakarta!

I am so happy to be given this opportunity to see this friendly city Jakarta. Although it was a little challenging for me on my first day after landing as my flight was delayed due to the new year holiday in Jakarta and I landed nearly at midnight. Fortunately my colleague Melissa picked me up from the airport, or else I would still probably be wandering at the airport with a communication problem as I know nothing about the Indonesian language and not every one speaks English here.

On my first day at CIPS my colleagues prepared a cake and a welcome party for the interns. They love getting cakes for all occasions, it’s quite lovely! Everyone of them is very nice and helpful and I learn so much from not just the permanent staff but also the local interns.

Welcome cake from CIPS colleagues

CIPS office

My assignment for the first two weeks is researching Massive Opening Online Courses (MOOCs) platforms to publish our online courses about ‘Affordable Food to the Poor’. It is very exciting that the CIPS manager for communications and fundraising Anthea Haryoko won the $25,000 grand prize in Atlas Network’s 2016 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition last November. This fund will be used on the ‘Affordable Food for the Poor’ project, which will bring down trade barriers and benefit millions of poor families.

I would use the word “magical” to describe Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It’s a city where you can see slums and humble buildings but also a city where you can see luxury shopping malls and fancy cars. There’s a huge gap between the rich and poor. “The poor are getting poorer; the rich are getting richer,” as a local friend said.

Looking forward to experiencing life here! So far everything is great, except that I’m really struggling to learn Bahasa.

Lunch with my colleagues at CIPS.


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