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Vena Xu – Intern Life in Jakarta | Week 2

Vena Xu

16 January 2017

Satu mie ayam, berapa? Chicken noodles please, how much are they?

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the second week. The funny thing is, I’ve been having chicken noodles for lunch so many times since that’s the only dish I can order in Bahasa.

Having dinner with CIPS colleagues after work

On my first weekend in Jakarta, I visited the Indonesian National Art Gallery and the National museum. From my point of view, visiting local museums and markets would be the best way to experience the country. It was very interesting to learn about Islamic culture in the museum, as Indonesia contains the largest Muslim population of any country in the world.

National Art Gallery

National Museum

Before heading to Indonesia, I was worried about how would I take pictures by myself. This problem has been solved so well after arriving Jakarta, because the Indonesia people are very friendly. They will gladly help me to take pictures, and they take good ones! I even made friends with some visitors from Australia while asking one of them to take me a picture at the National Museum.

Met some Aussie friends at National Museum

During the second week, the first internship session, Introduction to Public Policy and CIPS focus areas, was held by researcher at CIPS, Hizkia Respatiadi. We discussed some current public policies, such as the Fertilizer Subsidy Policy and property rights. What we have discussed has given me much more knowledge than what I’ve read in international newspapers before. I’m really looking forward to the next session.

First internship session

Another thing to share is that we are rearranging the CIPS office, creating space to film the massive opening of Online Courses. It means we are one step closer to the Affordable Food for the Poor program! Hopefully this will get the young generation to pay more attention to the current Indonesian food trade.

That’s all for this week. It has gone fast, however my progress of learning Bahasa has gone slow.

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