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Miguel Forjaz – Week 1: Centre for Indepedent Studies

Miguel Forjaz

20 July 2016

As I boarded my flight to Sydney in the early afternoon of Saturday the 9th of July I was anxious to arrive, nervous to start, and excited for the new opportunity all at the same time. The week that followed was more full-on than I ever anticipated. I am spending five weeks at the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) which is celebrating its 40th year as a driving force for free market ideals in Australia.

In my time at CIS I will be working directly under Michael Potter, an economist specialising in tax, superannuation, and welfare. We hit the ground running, initially focusing on the economic effect of corporate tax reductions. Specifically, we investigated the different combinations of policy that can be used to fund a corporate tax rate cut and the efficiency of different policy mixes. Another aspect of our research was the changing perspectives of corporate tax cuts within the government.

Later in the week we pivoted to an ongoing project on Michael’s, a paper on superannuation. My research included the history of superannuation guarantees and how they came to be structurally integrated in the Australian labour market. This translated to investigating the effect of varying the superannuation guarantee.

A highlight of the week was definitely visiting the Sky News City Studio with Simon Cowan, CIS Research Manager and Director of the Target30 project. Watching him interview on the topics of the recent election outcome, as well as tensions in the South China Sea was a new and extremely interesting experience.

I spent my first weekend in Sydney visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens as well as hitting some of the major sights. I can’t wait to crack into my second week at the CIS and am hugely grateful to Ron Manners and the Mannkal Economic Foundation for making this experience possible! Till next week!

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