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Miguel Forjaz – Week 2: Centre for Independent Studies

Miguel Forjaz

25 July 2016

The past week has been tumultuous, to say the least, in respect to the Australian geopolitical climate, as well as globally. Working at a think tank focused on public policy and public policy recommendations has meant that the past week has been hugely engaging.

But that more or less tends to speak for itself – what I would like to do is to take you through my daily routines and give you a small taste of what Sydney-life is like for me!

Every morning I wake up around 7:15am to have breakfast and get out the door so that I can be in the office before 9am. My method of getting to work is walking. It is about 2km which, on a beautiful (albeit sometimes frigid) winter morning, is a lovely way to begin the day.

Photo taken at Darling Harbour

The walk takes me through Hyde Park and down Macquarie Street past the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Before heading up to the office I grab a coffee from a little café and then I am ready to attack the set of fresh tasks that I know will be waiting for me each morning.

At 10am the research team gather for a short and informal meeting known as Newswhip. In these meetings we rapidly cover the major news publication headlines and if anyone is keen to write an op-ed in response to an article, this is their moment to pitch their take on it.

The day usually continues uninterrupted and I tend to stay in the office through till around 6pm. Unfortunately, given it is Winter, this means that it tends to be absolutely pitch black outside when I leave.

The Harbour Bridge by night

Some nights after work I join the hundreds of Poké-fiends down on The Rocks by the Sydney Opera House and spend some time catching Pokémon. After this, however, I walk back home through Hyde Park and my day is more or less done.

This week my work was dominated by a paper on the superannuation that the researcher I am attached to is completing. That being said, I have also had the opportunity to write an article for a weekly publication called Ideas@TheCentre. With any luck that article will be published this week and I will post a link to it in my blog next week!

As the weeks continue to fly by I can only be aware of how much I am learning from this fantastic opportunity and I would like to thank Ron Manners and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation for making this experience possible!

Till next week!

The Manly Cliffs

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