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Max Formato – Week Four

Max Formato

25 July 2016

Another week has come to an end!

Following a spectacular weekend at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, I flew back to Atlanta on the red-eye flight on Sunday evening. After a quick rest, I was eager to arrive at the office to hear about the success of ‘FEE Day’ at last week’s conference. It was fantastic to hear about the team speaking with several established donors of the organisation, along with tales of poker winnings and clubbing, that had emerged from the boisterous weekend!

Walking back through the entrance at FEE HQ!

During the week I was enlisted to aid other interns in the digital development team on one of the major tasks at hand. This involved delving into the ‘’Briefly” pamphlets that were originally issued in the mid-1940s by authors including V. Orval Watts. This allowed for me to gain significant exposure to the philosophical underpinnings of rent control, in conjunction to their applicability to the modern housing market.

Fittingly, this week marked the 99th birthday of Bettina Bien Greaves! Bettina was an early associate of FEE and played a key role in the recording and publication of Ludwig von Mises’s economics seminars in the mid-twentieth century. I had the opportunity later in the week to encounter much of her work including her compilation entitled, “Austrian Economics: An Anthology”. This publication provided elucidatory insight into the principles of Austrian economics and their evolution over the last century.

This weekend I braved the 40-degree heat and made my way to Piedmont Park on Saturday for the Atlanta Ice-Cream Festival. I had originally planned to merely pop by the outstandingly populated event, however, ran into a guitar luthier named Bobby, and his wife Brianna. This quickly led to over four hours of conversation and gave me the chance to pick up an electric guitar (a superbly customised Stratocaster at that) for the first time in over a month! It was certainly an uplifting experience playing for the thousands of festival goers that walked past the stall over the course of the day.

A glorious day at the Atlanta Ice-Cream Festival!

Playing a customised stratocaster with Robby from Weybach Guitars!

On Sunday, I visited Ponce City Market in the gentrifying Old Fourth Ward and then made my way over to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial District. The aura of this district was invigorating to say the least, and provided a nice moment to ponder the similarities between the liberating teachings of this modern American icon, and those embraced by the political philosophy of libertarianism.

Above Ponce City Market's food hall for lunch!

Outside the renown Ebenezer Baptist Church in the MLK Jr. Memorial District!

That’s all for this week! I will be checking in once again for my final week in Atlanta soon; stay tuned!

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