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James Ledger – Foundation of Economic Education | Week 3

James Ledger

23 January 2017

I started reading two new books this week – both offering much-needed brain food after a weekend in Las Vegas.

The first is Lawrence Reed’s latest publication, ‘Real Heroes: Inspiring true stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction’. As Senator Rand Paul said, ‘it’s a great book from one of liberty’s own heroes’, and the inside cover even presents the book to Mannkal’s own Ron & Jenny Manners. He writes that Ron and Jenny are a special couple, ‘heroes of impeccable character who work tirelessly to advance the right causes, especially liberty and entrepreneurship’. Amongst a total of forty stories, Larry reflects on the lives of people like Augustine, Cato the Younger, William Ewart Gladstone and perhaps most significantly, Anne Frank. It’s an inspiring book from start to finish and adds to Larry’s wonderful read ‘Are We Good Enough for Liberty?’, which I encourage everyone to read.

The second book I started was a thought-provoking read by Nick Spencer titled; ‘The Evolution of the West: How Christianity has shaped our values’. Careful not to overstate the Christian role in shaping our lives and always alert to the mess of history, the book explains how the values of Western civilisation have been created from the influence of the Church. These include human dignity, the rule of law, democracy, human rights, science, and even paradoxically, atheism and secularism. Even if you don’t support present-day Christianity, any supporter of liberty should know the roots of the movement and this book explains it succinctly.

At the office, I finished writing an article for FEE about how Australia should learn from America regarding the proposed introduction of a sugar tax. Philadelphia recently added a levy to their soft drinks and the results have been predictable but worrying, with businesses struggling to hold down a customer base as people simply drive outside the city limits to buy their drinks. Though the tax was ‘only meant to tax wholesalers’, in an unbelievable twist the cost has been passed onto the consumer. You can read my article here.

See you next week!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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